War of the Writers: Wannabies vs. “Realies”

For some reason, it irks me when kids I know say they’re going to sell a story, when I’ve never heard anything about it before. It also irks me when I see all the junk in bookstores these days. I mean, how can they even think of publishing that stuff???

I also absolutely hate series that are quite obviously series, books that have a clichéd plot, books that have stupid fantasy names, and all other things. This ruins the market for diamonds-in-the-rough, absolutely amazing writers, and turns the stuff that kids read from classics to trash! How many kids have read 1) Lord of the Rings, 2) Mark Twain’s stuff, 3) Dune, 4) The Three Musketeers, and 5) Beatrix Potter’s little books, in this generation? Very, very few!

And, to top it off, these “Wannabe Writers” often have ideas that center on themselves being the ultimate heroes. They can also lose their writing energy, hitting very many cases of writer’s block, and when the first objection comes in the mail, many whine and pout. Thirdly, a lot of them refuse to edit their “precious work”.

Serious writers are obviously a different story. They nearly always write their heart out, fix it so that it’s a wonderful piece of English composition, and send it to one or two publishers. When their rejection comes, they generally just add it to the pile and keep on trying. If there’s a common complaint, some fix it: for example, the plot could be too straightforward. But overall, most work until they get that work published, and they don’t care what they get: best-seller, Nobel Prize, anything else is just a bonus. Even better, the best don’t plan a series with a single idea.

But am I no different? I know that I write from my heart, take open criticism, edit truthfully, even if I love the sequence, but it does nothing for the actual plot, and although I haven’t sent anything off yet, I will steel myself for rejection.

Even so, there’s no way for me to know. Why do I look down with such contempt? Possibly what I’ve just explained. A lot of “Wannabe Writers” publish anything! I for one, if something is a piece of junk on my terms, I’m never sending it off until it’s been edited.

Also, many “Wannabe Writers” write from their heart–sometimes too much. Sometimes they write from their heart so much that they forget proper sentence and story structure, and they add worthless scenes that would better belong in something else.

There you have it, words from me. If you’re a writer, does this explain how you feel? Or do you react differently? I’m not saying that all beginning writers are this way, and that every beginning writer is stupid. I only roll my eyes because they don’t have the skills they need when they jump right into the deep end, then show off because they can doggy-paddle.

Feel free to share your reactions to both this and “Wannabe Writers”.



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