Stupid Water: Get Water Out of Your Ears

This summer, I’m doing competition swim. Well…let’s just say I have to condition first, and I’m not very fast yet.

But anyway, since I started yesterday, every time I do a side breath in freestyle, water clogs my ears. When I get home, I found it nearly impossible to get the water out of my ear, so I’m going to share with you this remedy that I found on eHow.

  1. Get an eye-dropper, and fill it with a few drops of water. You could also use an ear dropper.
  2. Tilt your head so the ear filled with water is towards the ceiling/sky. This may feel funny, but that’s the way to do it.
  3. Squeeze the eye-dropper and put the water into your filled ear. Wait one or two seconds, and flip your ear down towards the floor. The water should come out.

After trying this, I found that I had to hold my head sideways for a moment or two, then gently wipe my ear out with a tissue. Then, ta-da! The water wasn’t there. But why doesn’t the water come out in the first place? The answer is surface tension. Examine your glass door after a shower: there are all sorts of little droplets that aren’t running anywhere. They’re stuck to the glass with surface tension, and need more water to get the gravity to pull them away.

You’re very likely to get water in your ear, since it’s summer, and kids as well as adults will be swimming a lot. Try it!


Resources: eHow

How to Get Water Out of Your Ear


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