The Glory of Fireworks

Today’s my birthday.

No, seriously, it is. Just ask the people who work at this Starbucks…I really did redeem the birthday coupon, and I really am drinking my favorite drink.

I’m looking forwards to the fireworks tonight. For the past few days, however, people in the neighborhood keep putting off the little ones. I keep running around, watching one little “show”, then dashing down to the next, and staring at the sky over the hill as it flashes colors and rumbles with faint fireworks.

Do you know why the fireworks are full of fire? The reason is gunpowder. It started back in ancient China, way back in the 12th century. They were blasted off to keep evil spirits away during festivals, or just keep them away from everything. China still is making most of the world’s fireworks.

When you mix gunpowder with other chemicals and elements, such as magnesium, to make it white and sparkly, and chemicals to make it colored, it changes the look of the fireworks. If you how you deliver the fireworks into the sky, you can change the shape of the fireworks as well as the sound.

Magnesium! I once burnt a strip of magnesium. It was like a 100-watt bulb in the size of a pinhead. Then I dropped it into a jar of oxygen, and it was like the sun. When you look at the street fireworks, most of the flashes are thanks to tiny magnesium bits or powder that gets lit for a short period of time. Now, think again when you go to take your daily dose of magnesium!

Fireworks are beautiful, but deadly. Some don’t work, and some  work way too well! I personally say a safe distance is at least a good twenty feet away from the burning rocket, especially if it’s on the ground, but be ready to get up and run if you have to, if it’s on the ground. About half a block away is pretty safe. Across the street is okay.

What kind of fireworks do you like?


Thanks to Wikipedia for having this page open for plenty of my resources.


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