Pros and Cons of Home-schooling

Yes, another pro-and-con post. What? Don’t you like pro-and-con posts? This one’s about homeschooling, so shush!

As a kid, I was home-schooled. I really reckon that it was what made us so close to our parents, and made sure that we were nice kids, grown up without peer-pressure. There are lots of new home-schooling moms out there, along with “home-school-mom blogs”. I’m going to give you a home-schooled-kid’s pro and con list right now, for Friday!

Pro: You get close to your parents. You are with your parents almost every single living second of the day. There’s no way friends can be closer, thus leading to the con.

Con: You don’t meet many friends. There are home-schooling-kid parkdays, but a lot of them are the new, little kids, especially these days. For what I did, which was a literal homeschool, where you took classes with real kids in a real classroom with real homework, you meet some kids, but not as many as you would in Public School.

Pro: There’s no peer pressure in home-school, whereas, there’s a million pounds of it in Middle and High-School. This leads us to the next pro.

Pro: Most of the home-schooled kids are really nice. Meaning, the kids don’t have to deal with bullies, and the world will be a better place.

Con: Home-schooled kids don’t spend that much time away from their parents, so they get less experience with the world in general. This means that when they go to college, they will have tons of trouble with the whole experience, half going into shock.

Pro: The kids can learn at their own pace. If exponents confuse a child, they can take a break and come back later, afresh.

Pro: Vacations abound! Home-schoolers can drop everything to go to an amusement park, or Nevada, wherever the trip is bound, without having to worry about summer prices and tourist-season.

Pro: Kids can read/write/play/draw more, at any time, thus home-schooled kids could be very potent in the arts. Most of them are fast and good readers, as am I.

Pro: There’s no limit to when they can do jobs. I mean, they don’t have to wait until after school, so they can work basically any time of day.


As you read, there are more pros than cons. But this was based on my experience, so don’t think that I’ve polled a hundred home-schoolers and gotten this answer. But, if you ask me, home-schooling was the best thing ever, especially because I don’t have to grow up quickly and be ready to handle the world at the tender age of five.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed that, and my Doctor Who post, because I traveled through time in the T.A.R.D.I.S. to Saturday to post, when I actually came from Friday. So, technically, I posted on Friday, but to you, I posted on Saturday.

U mad, bro?




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