Ode to My Father

We all have fathers. Imagine life without him. It’s empty. When I was a kid, my dad took a business trip for five weeks. We did some video calling, so that was bearable; barely.

Anyway, dad, I hope you have another wonderful Father’s Day, and enjoy your gifts! 🙂

Oh, and enjoy this poem, too.

Who Is That Man?

A tall, rather handsome man,

in his middle age.

He smiles at every stranger,

and walks a lengthy stride.

He makes small-talk with the waitress,

chats with the valet,

He orders well-made dishes,

and wears well-made clothes.

His car is a Mercedes,

black with black inside.

He pulls into the driveway,

and opens up the door.

The moment he steps on concrete,

his children fly outside.

They hug him tightly, kiss him,

so glad that he is home.

Who is that man?

Who is that man,

who is friendly in each aspect?

Who is that man,

who is witty in his speech?

Who is that man,

Who is hugging his children?

Who is that man?

My father.

Treat dad awesomely today: there’s no one to replace him. No one can fill his shoes; where on earth did he get such huge shoes?



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