The Price of Electronics: The Effect Robots May Have On Our Future

As in my last few posts, I’ve been talking about the age of machines. They are in their element, being used every moment that we turn: water pumps, water heaters, lights, computers, stoves, microwaves, washing machines, electric pianos…the list of electric inventions goes on and on…

It’s true, computerized objects reduce the things we have to do. But is that really wise? Well, sure, the average American would say, sure, because we don’t have to do as many things. People are getting spoiled, especially in the U.S.A. About fifty years ago or so, kids would have to wash the dishes, dry them, and put them away. Today, kids are complaining about how they have to empty the dishwasher, not realizing that over half of the work is gone, due to a computer. People drop in front of the computer in a dark room all day. This isn’t only bad for our health: it could be bad in the long run, for the economy.

Let’s dive back to the kids complaining thing. When kids complain about chores, they hopefully imagine robot maids to do everything, in the hopeful near future. With that future unknown, kids turn to mom and ask for a maid. These maids work to clean for money. If we got robots cheap enough to run the job (it’s already coming into body with those floor-vacuuming robots), people will certainly choose them as an alternative to maids: one time pay, they never get hungry, they never complain, they don’t snoop, they’re not lazy, and they’re always on time. If this happens, the complete and utter group of women and men who rely on being maids to put food on the table will become broke.

This isn’t only in the maid-industry. It’s everywhere. Jump maybe a hundred years in your mind: what do you see? Is the store run by robots with one manager? Are there machines doing every single piece of work, with humans relaxing? If you’re far enough, people don’t have to even make food: they just sit there.

With all these robots doing the work, what happens? No one has a job. How will we get money? Businesses, stores, and everything that needs work to get done to serve people will become tycoons, barely losing money, while hording every cent into their bank accounts.

With the robots working, what else happens? People get fat with junk food and lack of exercise. America is already populated by more overweight people than any other country: what will happen if no one has to work at all?? Will there be a purpose to even living? 

This image, all of it, was jump-started by the movie Wall-E. The humans are all on a “cruise ship” in space, doing nothing, and over the years that they’re stayed in eternal “paradise”, they’ve evolved with smaller, more fragile bones. Not very fun, is it?

What is the answer? What is the reason for this post? It is to stimulate the fact that we humans need to get back to living green. A green living is usually not hard, and you get exercise. If we just work together, we can grab boulders to stop ourselves from flowing into a gristly desert (nice water metaphor, eh?)A green living is better! Why was Barrack Obama elected? Because he promised to promote a greener living.

Now take a jump backwards, into the early 1900s, but try keeping the technical knowledge, all the knowledge we have today. Add the current fashions. Warp the houses so that they look like the houses of today. Add solar panels to every house. Add a home garden. Throw in slick bicycles, and solar/magnet-in-wheel cars. Drag away old plastic spoons and replace them with cornstarch spoons. Take away corn syrup and store-bought candy, and replace it with homemade goods (which taste better anyways, because they have fewer chemicals). If it’s trash day, take away the two trash bins and replace them with many blue bins and only one trash bin–one trash bin a month, thanks to the compost bins in the backyard. Add recycled paper and plastic. Add native plants to the backyard. Add plenty of exercise. Eliminate the exhaust in the air, because there’s no need for it, anyway. Replace oil refineries and electric power plants with wind farms and solar mills. Cleanse the air, and replace big, bulky trains with streamlined models that glide, magnetized, along tracks. Destroy all roads outside of the small towns, and replace big parking lots with large hangers. Add no-carbon-footprint mini-planes in every garage. End poaching, whaling. Take away chemicals, disastrous run-off, destruction of the Amazon Rain forest, acid rain, and, in total, reverse global warming.

What is it? What is it that I told you to imagine? I told you to imagine the future that I’m dreaming of, with even a reduced population, sad that sounds. Together, the entire world has a carbon footprint of one person today, in my dream future.

This is possible. It may not be too far away, even, if people just listen!!! Go back to the image of Wall-E: do you want Earth, our beautiful, unique, blue-green planet, to end up dirty and brown? Do you?

Then grab the boulders. Grab the stones, grab even the pebbles. Keep grabbing, and we can change the future that we’re headed for.

You may think I’m overreacting. But I’m not, because I may end up in the horrible future that I told you about. I want the green future, the lovely future I told you about. It’s not hard to go either way, but we need to work. So do it! Get your friends to do it! Carpool, recycle paper and plastic, do whatever you can, but just help commune towards the dam that can save us all. Please, because one person can’t do it alone: we need you.

Sorry about all this “green pep-talk”, but it’s our future that I’m worrying about: it’s my kids, and their kids, and, if they get a chance to live on this Earth, their kids. Help save the planet.

It’s your future, too.



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