A Word About Electric Cars And All Electric Things

In this modern day, electric cars are high in demand. People are seriously considering them as an alternative to regular gas vehicles. It is a pretty good alternative; it’s just that electric cars aren’t exactly “clean and eco” machines.

First of all, they’re powered by electricity. Do you know how electricity is made? Some of it is made using windmills, turbines, geothermal, and solar, but most of the electricity is still made the old fashioned way. Meaning, coal is burned, water is heated into steam, the steam turns turbines which turn magnets, generating electricity. Zoom back along the system. There’s something there that ruins the “eco” of electric cars. That “thing” is coal. Coal is fossil fuels, which is the reason we’re in a gas crisis right now. And guess what these electricity factories put out? That’s right, exhaust. So when you use an electric car, unless the place you’re getting electricity from is solar-powered, you’re simply polluting the air elsewhere, which isn’t that bad, since it keeps our valuable forests clean. On the other hand, the amount of pollution isn’t altered, just more concentrated elsewhere.

The same thing goes for all other electric appliances, such as electric mowers, electric scooters…just about everything electric has the same effect. I just recently got solar panels on my house, so I’m working on using electric things rather than gas things.

The conclusion? Well, unless you’ve got gorgeous solar panels sitting on your roof, or gas is too expensive for you, it really isn’t better to use electric cars. At the moment, electricity is cheaper than gas, so costwise, it’s a better choice. But if you’re looking for a greener way to commute, neither is your friend. Carpooling, if you can, is something you should consider.

Just a little note: I’m working some more on this one story I’ve got. If I get it finished, which might happen sometime later this year, I’ll be sure to let you know, and to release my special teaser that I’ve written. That’s partially the reason that I didn’t post on time.



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