Contest Prize: Sadly, I’m Almost Too Late


Hello, peoples! Time is running out, and I am going to present the prize! I have not been showing it to you yet, because I was procrastinating. 🙂 Because of my lateness, I will extend the contest until the 21st of May, giving you a chance to see the prize, enter, and wait.

The prize is a copy of “A Poetry Handbook,” by Mary Oliver. It’s an excellent book, I really suggest you read it–oh wait, you might!

Here are a few more rules, extending the initial ones of the contest:

–If the winner does not respond to the notification email or claim the prize through a comment by the following week, the prize will be given to the second-place-poem writer instead.

–First, second, and third winners will receive an email with a certificate print-out attached. The second and third place winners will also be announced. 

–Winning contestants’ poems will be posted at the end of the contest. If they have an objection to their name being announced or their poem posted, they must contact Aidyl (me).

You can now also win a certificate for “Best Title”. The “Best Title” winner will also be announced.

Get those pens out and start writing, because the contest has an extra week thrown into it!



What do you think?

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