Poetry Contest: The End of National Poetry and Writing Month


I’ve reached the end of National Poetry and Writing Month, as you well know, and I have promised a poetry contest. Well, here it is! Here are the rules:

1) The contest begins today (April 30, 2011) and continues until next week (May 7, 2011), at 6:00 PM Central (daylight saving times included). You must enter your poem before the deadline, or your poem will be disqualified (OH NO).

2) Please keep your poem under two hundred (200) words. It will take a loooong time for me to read and judge who-knows-how-many-poems, five hundred words long, each!

3) Your poem can be of any subject; however, keep your subject of G rating, or, yes, you will actually be disqualified (I have many people reading this blog, and I want to make sure I don’t offend any of them if I post it.)

4) Your poem MUST be your own, written by you, and no one else, or you will be disqualified.

5) I will judge the poems on Saturday evening, and I will reveal the winner on the following Sunday. The winner will win a PRIZE, which I will reveal before the deadline (I know what it is, by the way).

5) If you decide you don’t want to be in the contest anymore, fill in the poem body space with: RESIGN, and I will remove your poem from my list. Yes, it’s that easy.

You get the rules, don’t you? You understand how to enter, don’t you? Okay, then GO!

[contact-field label='Name' type='name' required='true'/] [contact-field label=”Address (so I can send you the prize)” type=”textarea”

Note: Please include your title and subject. The subject is  not required, but the title is! I’m sorry that the form isn’t really perfect, but WordPress is stripping some of the code out, and therefore ruining the form.



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