N.P.W.M.–The Last Two Days

In the Afternoon

In the warm afternoon,

morning’s cacophony of bird sounds

and cars

have died away into a quiet sound.

In the afternoon,

Only wind, wind chimes, and water are heard.

In the afternoon,

the sun is very high and very


In the afternoon,

even the birds are lazy, occasionally chirping.

In the afternoon,

I lay upon the lounge chair,

and write.

Inspired by my very own experience…just a few minutes ago, as I sat writing that poem, centered for today, not yesterday.

Here’s yesterday’s:


A piece of wood.

Flames lick it hungrily,

transforming it into




which slowly die into



That was inspired by sitting beside a fire pit, on the beach. That was an extremely smokey fire–my clothes were dense with the smell, and I had to wash my hair twice to get rid of the smoke!

Today is the final day. The very final day, of National Poetry and Writing month. How many poems did you write? By now, you’ve probably already read the poetry contest post above. If not, go read it!

Good-bye, and thank you all so much for reading and supporting me during N.P.W.M.!



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