N.P.W.M. Day 26


A dark blackness

coats the beyond.

No light passes through.

Fear wrenches through me,

until I am sobbing with

horror and regret.

I cannot move backwards

to place something behind me.

I cannot move forwards

to pass through this.

Complete atrocity begins to gnaw

at my very soul,

threatening to destroy me if I stay

any longer.

But then,

light shines from one direction.

the macabre darkness causes me

to fear the light for a moment,

until I see


The darkness shies away

from you.

Your light

that shines from your soul

fills me,

and I can feel myself becomming brave.

You take my hand,

and lead me to a safer place,

one full of silver and



Thank you, Merriam-Webster for your online dictionary; how else could I find the right words for ‘fear’, and ‘horrilbe’, without looking in a huge book? How could I find ‘stalwart’, which basically means:

marked by outstanding strength and vigor of body, mind, or spirit <stalwart common sense>

I still will welcome poem suggestions.

OH! Wait, I nearly forgot! I just remembered about that contest that I was thinking of! Okay, let me look into  it today and tonight; I will let you know what I’ve determined on Saturday; the contest will probably take place during the first week of May. I said probably, not definately, so please don’t get disapointed.



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