N.P.W.M. Days 24 and 25

More poems! Yipee!

Summer Is Coming

Warm days,

warm nights,

sun setting at eight,

warm smell outdoors.

Easter has passed,

Migratory birds are back.

Soon we can have barbeques,

and beach runs,

water-park adventures and

slip and slide crashes.

All-day movie marathons,

all day computer marathons.

But now

we wait,

with warm weather

and sunscreen-coated skin.


This one I wrote earlier today, but I forgot most of it, and I lost the paper upon which it was written. I called it:


A true tempest bears down on our town,

bringing rain and wind to rip up the trees,

and soon all are left with a long, long frown,

as the rain of bright weather does tease.


For threescore and twelve hours,

the rain came down in a rush,

but, in greenhouses, flowers.

Without the sun, trying to flush.


For three days rain came down, drops just huge and round,

pouring and pouring without any rest.

now those same clouds are heaped in such tall mounds

fading and moving swiftly to the west.


Okay, so it’s not my best work. But it’s what I could remember from what I’ve written.

DID YOU NOTICE that my posts seem to be getting shorter and shorter as I post my poems? Disturbing. Very, very disturbing.

I always love your feedback. Thanks for your comments and like-button clicks!



5 thoughts on “N.P.W.M. Days 24 and 25

    • In my mind, blue isn’t simply sad; it’s a feeling, an idea, a concept. When the water is pure blue, what do you feel? What do you feel when you look at a powder blue sky? That’s the point of “Blue girl, blue world.”


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