N.P.W.M. Day 22: Earth Day Honors!

Happy happy happy happy HAPPY Earth Day! Is it nice outside, where you are? Huh, huh, huh? I was going to make a strawberry and chocolate “Earth Cake”, but I said, well…I’m too tired out from body-boarding yesterday. Besides, I do have hot cross buns to make for Easter this Sunday…

Oh no.

I went off topic.

Well, here’s today’s poem:


Dull greys and blacks make up the entire of

the surface of the Earth.



a golden sphere moves over the

boldly lined horizon.

Everywhere where its light touches,

like an ethereal paintbrush,

becomes colorful,

and alive.

Have you ever been awake early in the morning, or do you like to sleep until noon? I am, personally, a morning person. I would prefer to get up early than to go to bed late, because, as most people, I have things to do in the morning.  BUT there are many people who are night people, and I am not saying that that’s a bad thing.

And I just went off topic.

Ahem, have you ever woken up in the early morning? It is just like that. I live in a valley, so at this time of year, sun doesn’t beam through my window until about seven or seven-thirty. But when I open the shutters to watch the far side of the valley light up, and watch the edge of shadow retreat away, hiding under cars, trees, and near houses, until it is gone…

Anyway, however you like to celebrate, happy Earth Day. You could:

1) use little power/natural resources like gas.

2) Eat only organic foods/drinks, if you’re that kind of person

3) sit outside, even if you just read or knit (computers or electronic devices are cheating)

4) take a hike

5) go camping (or just sit in a campsite and have fun all day, and go home at night) and therefore take a vacation.


I went off subject again. Phoey. Happy Earth Day.



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