N.P.W.M. 18 and 19


Begins as a knot of

yarn, then

by the miraculous weaving dance

of the needles,

it becomes a sweater.

Inspired by knitting, of course.

The Cat



Pounce on a grass-stalk.

now you see him,

then he disappears into the

decorative grasses.

Yongi boingy niongie, I just felt like saying that. Whew, I’ve never written so much every day! Well, at least it will help me destroy any dams built by writer’s block, and perhaps it will be a good squeeze to make the hardened glue of writer’s block pop away and unleash the wet glue of creative juices.

Heh heh heh, what do you think of that metaphor?



What do you think?

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