N.P.W.M. Days 11 and 12

Well, well, well, it looks like I’m going to reach 1,000 views next week! I reached a record of 50 views yesterday!

I keep being busy. Here’s yesterday’s poem:


Beginning with a chord,

or a single note,

the song begins.

It flows up and down the scale,

each note in perfect harmony with the next,

the tone and accents

providing look to the song.


Ah, music. I play the piano, the tin whistle (an Irish flute), the guitar, and I sing, most excelling on the piano, having played since I was three or four. I am even writing a song now, so hopefully I can post that here.

Time for today’s poem:

One Line

Traced over the blank,

white page,

is a single pencil line,

so fine and straight,

it could be a hair.

This line could be:

the side of a building,

a tree’s trunk,

a road into the distance,

a ruler,

a tape measure,

a shelf,

the horizon

an arm,

a boat…

It could be anything until

I make it a snake.

Hope you’re writing too, even if it’s just, “I see a pretty pony in the clouds today,”, or “The kites in the yard over there are nice.” Those can be ideas for a poem, so try to write!

Oh, and maybe, just maybe, I can have a poetry contest on the last week of April. I will choose my favorite poem, and the winner will get something that I’ll have to figure out. It’s not a promise, so don’t count on it, but I’ll try to organize it.



4 thoughts on “N.P.W.M. Days 11 and 12

  1. I love your poetry, Lydia. I can hear your sweet voice reading them. I am so glad you are doing NPWM! You are halfway there!


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