N.P.W.M. Day 10

Whew, posting each day helps me keep track of what the date is! 🙂

The Coffee Shop

A cool morning.

A crowded Starbucks.

Long lines.

The sound of whirring machines.

Names called,

Drinks drunk,

Warmth within everything.


Coffee shops are great places to warm up, which is why there are always people there. On the weekdays, they’re full of people having meetings and grabbing coffee to prep for the workday. I like to write in Starbucks. It’s a good atmosphere, and gets me away from the hubbub and distractions of home. I can often get inspiration from the world outside the window. I’ve gotten ideas for many of my stories in Starbucks.

I’m running out of creative juices! Comment and give me a suggestion for a poem, be it a Chinese fortune cookie, a sentence from your favorite story, or whatever. First comment is the one I write about the next day, and I’ll dedicate it!




One thought on “N.P.W.M. Day 10

  1. How about cookies and daffodils? This morning we baked cookies and I went outside to admire all of the daffodils blooming. It’s spring!

    Great poems, BTW!


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