N.P.W.M. Days 7 and 8

I really don’t mean to keep making up days…I just get so busy. Anyway, here’s yesterday’s poem:

Cat’s Cradle

Twist your hand, twist the string,

’round and ’round, like a ring,

Then you stop, showing me,

It is very hard to see!

What is it, just a ball?

No, a lovely tall macaw.

Cat’s cradle is fun to do…a piece of string will shape the likeness of a ladder, monkey, cup, or broom. This is a good book to learn how to do cat’s-cradle.

Here’s today’s poem:

Evening Star

The sun went down

behind that tree,

all is dark and cool.

A speck in the sky,

pinhole of light,

A single star gleams.


Ah, the way a poem can open the world by using a few words to describe a very small event, such as Basho’s frog haiku:

The old pond;
A frog jumps in —
The sound of the water.

I hope you’re writing, too, and wondering at the art of spring.

Oh, and hooray for nearly 1,000 views!



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