N.P.A.W. Month Days 4 and 5



Would today be

the first warm day of spring,

or the last warm day of winter?

Would that flower be

the first flower or spring,

or perhaps the last flower of winter?

If there is no border,

no definite line,

how can we tell?

Through only the feel of the air,

the joyous feel,

that living, warm smell.

Through the lush scent,

I suppose that it’s spring.


That was yesterday. (how embarrassing, I missed that day,,,) Now for today:


Nann bread in a drawer.

I remove a slice,

then hurry over to watch something.

“Why does it taste like dirt?”

I look down, and see;




That actually happened to me yesterday, and it was not the high point of the day. One good thing came out of it, though. (“What’s that?”) I discovered that…

Mold tastes like dirt!



What do you think?

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