N.P.W. Month Day 3

All Folly Desire

What in thy wishes for these items to be bestowed upon thee,

yet thou shalt lose them at the end of your days?

What in thy mind guides thee

to want these lowly things?

Let instead of thy mind

guide thee will your soul,

so that’st thou may find that which will

make all days brighter as this is in thy possession

of this thing that is now a part of thy soul.

I was inspired by Shakespeare, somewhat. It is about how you should not want something for the pure reason that it is sparkly, it looks fun, you like the name, or something. The poem can best be explained by an example: if you find yourself wanting that thing in the souvenir shop, stop. Think. Are you going to feel happier each moment you wear/look at/feel the object? If the answer is no, that’s why the speaker of the poetic lines (anyone) is puzzled at your folly desire.

This doesn’t mean to go, “Oh, I shouldn’t get this shirt, although my very heart is screeching for the colors because I love them, and they will look great on me!” I bought a shirt that is absolutely my favorite. (it was als a ‘buy one get this and such deal’ sale) If your heart calls for you to wear/use this, get it.

Most of America does not heed this rule that many wise men say. This is why so many American homes are filled with CLUTTER AND JUNK, INCLUDING MINE!



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