National Poetry and Writing Month, Days 1 and 2

April is National Poetry and Writing Month.

It is.

So, I am writing. Here. On my blog, which is my writing place. Every day, I will post a new poem. They will be filed under a special page, titled, “National Poetry & Writing Month 2011”.  In bold, on the left side of each poem, will be the day of N.P.W.M (National Poetry and Writing Month), so that you don’t get lost, and the title will be above each poem. Enjoy.

Oh, and since I missed yesterday, here is a poem I wrote yesterday:

Finding Love


Kiss her!

Will do.




I came across a sheet of those “word stickers”. I grabbed a napkin, and stuck “kiss” and “her” in that order. Then I decided to tell a story, and put “date” above “kiss her”. I put “will do” beneath that, then “Friend”, and “Love”. Then I realized it was a poem.

There also needs to be a poem for today. Ummm…





slops around my spoon.

I eat it,

leaving white smears on the spoon,

and meteor streaks on the bowl.


There. See you tomorrow.

And I’m sorry that my writing voice sucks today. I don’t know why, I suppose I’m in a bored mood or something.



What do you think?

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