Happy April Fool’s Day!

No, I’m not really posting today, that’s why I’m telling you.

April Fool.

Yeah, you probably saw that coming. Most people are celebrating. WordPress did it, too. When I checked my site stats this morning, they said it was something like 40 on my bar graph, when it was only a few views!

What are you doing? I’m doing my classics; switch the breakfast cereals around in their boxes, fill my bed with pillows so it looks like I’m in it…I would have dyed some milk green, like I usually do, but everyone was against that. I’ve got a few new tricks. We get milk every Friday morning, delivered to a cooler. I woke up early, put the milk away, wrote, “April Fool!” on a piece of paper and put it inside. I got my mom. I also have two other tricks–no, three–to deploy by the end of the day. They’re confidential now, though, because they’re awfully good, and my family will probably read this today, and I can’t take chances. So, here are a few key words: rubber animals (mixed up kanes, and mixed up subgs), and salt-and-pepper-grinders from William Sonoma.

Oh, and I cut my hair.

No joke! I really did…I cut ten inches off yesterday, and I have a great bob now (I got a comment from someone when I was eating out yesterday). I’m going to donate it to Locks of Love, which makes wigs for kids who have cancer. I have a picture of the pony-tail, but I haven’t uploaded that to the computer yet. Look forward to seeing it later today!

What are your April Fool’s Day jokes? Did you tape a paper coffee cup to your car and drive down the street with it on your roof? Did you…do something I won’t ever guess? Tell me!



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