What to Do When You’re Sick

Hey, everybody who cares to view my blog/notebook thing. Sorry I didn’t post on Friday…I’m sick. I think it’s the flu. But, my temperature has gone down, ( 99.8 °F, down from 102.5°F it was yesterday) I feel better, and I’m sitting here with a laptop.


What do you do when you’re sick?

I’ve read. Two books. That’s six hundred pages. I’ve watched forty minutes or so of TV, although it wasn’t that fun. I’ve tried to listen to the radio, but my alarm clock only has one of those stupid wire things, and nothing comes in, or it sounds dumb to me, and my good radio is downstairs somewhere (go figure). I haven’t knitted, as that’s downstairs as well. I’ve had sore throats. jfjfjfjfjffffjfjfjjjjfjfjfffffjfjffffjfjffffjjfjff. Sorry, that was just a rhythm that I didn’t bother trying to erase.


What do you do when you’re sick?

Reading has gotten kind of boring. (GASP! Inconceivable! And that quote’s from The Princess Bride) But that’s what happens when you do nothing but read and sleep all day for three days.I charged this thing (laptop), and then surfed the web for a while. Now I’m posting about how I’m sick.

That’s probably not interesting.



one of the blogs I read, A Lego A Day, reached its second “Freshly Pressed” WordPress publicity, and hit 1,000,000 views, almost at the same time. Wow. Zowee. I’m BOWLED over.


I can’t come up with good things to say because I’m sick. GOODBYE, CRUEL WORLD!


Note: This post has nothing to do with termites, although that is its tag. The tag is simply for humor.


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