One of my songs…

Hello, and I’m not going to be posting today.

I don’t have time.

See, I have a play, at 7:00 this evening, and I need to be there to work on some technical at 3:30. But I do have enough time to post this small tiny post that says that I’m not going to post today due to…

Enough said.

Now, I have probably not told you that I am working on a new piece. It’s called, Solfeggietto in C Minor (minor is sadder, major is joyful and skippy, full of daisies and sky larks), by C.P.E Bach, one of twenty children of the famous Johann Sebastian Bach, writer of the famous Tacotta and Fugue.

That’s not me playing, but that’s what it sounds like. I’ll try to get you a video of me playing some various songs…

Anyway, that’s all for now. I will post tomorrow, although I have two performances that day, so, at the latest, I will post on Sunday. Meow.



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