More Poetry!

Hey there, interweb (a quote from my brother at his blog).  How’s it going?

As you can probably tell:

I wrote some new poetry. The titles of these poems are “Now”, and “The Water Drops [Haiku]”. Here they are:

The Water Drops [Haiku]

Quivering–a drop.

It slips off and plunges down,

Then a minute splash.



It’s now.

There’s no time I love better.


Full of excitement and expectation for the future.


Full of content for the past.


When everything occurs.


The time to begin.


There’s no time I love better.


It’s just bare coincidence that my previous poem, “The Time”, or something like that, has to do with time.  Click the titles of my poems, and it will take you to my Poems page. Click this link and it will take you to my Quotes page. They are completely different topics, but hey, both are fun. And G.

Oh, and I just rediscovered one of my masterpiece poems. It was this poem that I took to Ireland and read to Queen Maeve at her grave, and left it, pinned beneath a rock. “Come down, come down, come down the river to me, past ?graceful? hedge, purple flower, and shining silver tree.” There’s more, but I repeated that from my memory. I will post my Poem here on my blog as soon as I can find the papers with it written upon again. See you soon, either with monkey, post, or poem.



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