Naming Your Characters

Hello, blogosphere. Yes, I should have posted on Friday; this is Friday. (“No, it’s Monday.”) Hush. Shut up. You are.

Oh, and the monkey is coming right up. I’ll post the pictures later today. 🙂 Finally got enough progress!

When you write a story, you need characters. Unless you’re writing a historical biography, you need to build these characters like actual human beings, then pick a name. No one’s an expert. Here’s a note for character building: always, and I mean always, be sure your character has a weakness. Are they blind? Do they get mad easily?

After your character is somewhat sculpted, it’s time for the name. Stop and think. This is one of the most important phases. Think about a name of someone in your life. How well does their name fit? Try and give them a new name.

My favorite way to name someone is to start with a letter. Let’s say I have a haughty princess, who loves clothes, and is so girly. Well, to me, the letter A would be a good choice. Now I need something long and frilly, but just frills. Aramanitarreina?

Think about how the names feel. My favorite letter for a fantasy character would have to be either S or T. You can make interesting names, like these characters: Lady Saxixis; Tilliana. (copyright names) I’m not really fond of F, but there are several points where it would be appropriate.

How do you make good names? You practice. With these people below.

1. As I afore-mentioned, let’s give you a pretty, frilly princess who is all beauty and no brains. What would you call her?

2. A knight that is perfect; noble, chivalrous, virtuous…everything a perfect knight would be. He’s kind and handsome, too. What on earth could be his name?

3. A knight who think’s he’s absolute pomp and glory, but is stupider than a flying boar. What’s he called?

4. A daydreaming fisher’s son, gets okay grades, but can’t take an order and get it done within an hour. Tell him to go catch a minnow and he looks for Bass. Name, please?

5. A rather tomboyish teenaged girl, has the use of magic. Still manages to be feminine. I just hang over these kinds of characters.

6. YOU. What would you rename yoursel?

TA-DA! Are there correct answers? No. Can you get something wrong? No. Names are hard. Pour over baby-books and find a name with a meaning you like. But, answers? Fine, I’ll give you my opinions. 1. Attrixanillin. 2. Donnarlo. 3. Winnifred, the “World’s Bravest Knight”. 4. Nennt. 5. Dettixxar :-). 6. Dennaura.

Your’s are different. They’re not perfect. When I choose a name, I think carefully about how each name feels. Killin. How’s that one feel? Mairneana. Qrauk. Fahnain (ballad I wrote). Wurgharwa! Look at the letters on your keyboard! They will give you a definate point. Keep yourself open, and you will find the name for your character.

The Monkey is coming soon. Stay tuned.



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