Kntting a Monkey Day 2

And there’s more…

In only a few more rounds do I change colors and knit six more inches with the other color! 🙂

Oh, and just to let you know, I am doing the leg right now. I have to do another one of these (of course), then three arms (one is to be the tail, per the instructions), and the body, head, ears, and muzzle. After that just comes the black yarn embroidering.

If you have any questions about my project, such as why I have three needles, what kind of yarn I’m using, what that orange thing is for, how big the finished monkey is supposed to be, how long I suppose it will take, and other associated questions, (like “is knitting abbreviation another language that you have to learn?” The answer is “no” to that, FYI) I’ll be happy to answer them.



One thought on “Kntting a Monkey Day 2

  1. Well, I am watching eagerly to see what this creature will look like. Thank you for sharing your project.

    Note: This was posted by a member of my family. I accidentially left my profile logged in when they commented. 🙂


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