Knitting A Monkey–Day 1

Hello world!

Yesterday I began knitting–what else–a sock monkey. I thought, perhaps I could take pictures of my daily progress and post them on my blog. So here we are…

Sock Monkey Day 1
This is the leg...doesn't look anything like it, huh?


…That’s wool yarn. I am using size 9 double-pointing knitting needles. That little orange circle is a stitch marker, and it helps me identify when a round is over.

It looks like a small knot, doesn’t it? However, In only eleven rounds or so, that will (hopefully) look like the leg to a sock monkey.

Alright! From now on, the titles to these posts will be regarding what day it is.  As soon as I’m done on here, I’ll be knitting into day 2!!!!



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