The Sound of Fog

Good morning.

As of now, a beautiful fog, characteristic of where I live in the morning, has covered my town. If you looked out the window, you cannot see either of the hills pocketing the housing tract I live in. Even with the window closed,  I can hear the tone of the foghorns out on the water (I live near the ocean 🙂 ). In musical terms, it’s a smooth, round g note, and is (to me) grey in concept and sound.

Temp? Geez, it’s only 32 degrees! Silly me…That’s one of my gags. I’ve recently figured how to convert fahrenheit to celsius, and I like to mess with people that way. It’s 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

I love the fog horns. In the bygone summer, when my window was open, that was the sound that I heard. I love everything to do with the ocean, and the foghorns and cool summer weather tuned and toned one of my stories, and crafted a brand new one with the sighting of the International Space Station.

Leaning off subject. Don’t you love the ocean? Probably not deeper than I do. I love biking to the beach, and looking at the low waves.  There goes the foghorn. It sounds about every five to ten seconds.

Remember I described the concept of blue? Look up to your left. There’s a small box that talks about the concept of blue. All colors have concepts. The color of today is silver or grey. The silver feeling. That feeling is all over today, all over this Sunday. There couldn’t be a better day for it.

That’s all I have to say. Apologies for missing the post Friday. 😦 Enjoy your Sunday, be it with heaps of snow, fog, or warm weather.




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