The Concept of Blue

Hello, everyone!

(I know, that didn’t start with a ‘b’)

First, look in the top right, just above my ‘subscribe’ bar. There’s a small description there, saying stuff about ‘crystallized fragments’ and ‘explore beyond just a simple color’. My tagline is ‘a crystalized fragment of the color blue’. My URL is ‘bluegirlblueworld’, and my username is ‘aidylbluegirl’. To quote Gobber the Belch from How to Train Your Dragon, the movie…”Wot’s wi’ ‘at?”

You probably see a blue background to these words. Blue…the letters b-l-u and e spell ‘blue’ (duh, you’re not in phonics anymore), and ‘blue’ is a silly word that means a particular color.


Blue isn’t that ruddy color that the sky is. It’s a concept, as I said before. Yes, you’ve heard of “feelin’ blue”, but that’s not right. The reason my username is ‘aidylbluegirl’ is that  I am a blue girl. The best way to describe my personality is by using the blue concept. I also am in a ‘blue’ world, which is the way I look at everything, hence the blog name ‘Blue Girl, Blue World’.

Blue is me. As you probably have just witnessed in ‘The Center of the Universe–and How To Get There’, I switch gears rapidly from ‘park’, or silly and ‘air drunk’, as my dad calls it, right into ‘fifth’, or spiritual feel-the-force mode. People who know me do not know the extent of my personality–except for my family, of course. When I look at someone, I judge who they are, and like the false belief of a chameleon or a woman choosing clothes to fit their mood, I find the piece of my personality that exactly matches theirs, and use it. Up. All the way. Most people, all of friends who I’ve talked to for more than a day, get a small taste of my ‘other flavors’ before I hide them again. To use another simile, I’m kind of like wine. (I have to use so many similes because human language is not equipped with the correct descriptive words to explain what I’m trying to tell you)


I just used lots of ‘large’ words there, but that’s fine. Sometimes, common words don’t hit the right mood, and you need a different word to describe your feelings. That’s fine. (Go to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, which I have a link to, and search ‘mad’. Find the synonyms. Choose one you’ve never heard about, and read it. You can find good insults (the word ‘sordid’ is good for an insult).



I fell off the subject.

Actually, I don’t have anything to say.

Not any more.

Well, I have something I need to do (it needs to be done by tomorrow), and I better get to it. Have a great day!



What do you think?

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