The Center of The Universe–And How To Get There

Buenos Dias.

Sorry about the length of time that I took to write a new post. Is it okay if I go back to posting at least every Friday? Don’t worry about my interesting view disappearing, I’ll post at least every Friday, but often I’ll post spontaneously.

But why was I missing?

Apologies, but I just happened to be at the National Roadster Show, looking at a spectacular Lincoln, that I don’t know how to post a photo of. There were so many people, and so many cars there. (I also got a vintage cardigan, brown wool with grey felt and black beadwork, and what looks to be mother-of-pearl buttons, at a booth there. I’ll post a picture later)

And now it’s time for our SUBJECT OF THE DAY, boys and girls! (“Yippee!” shouted little Timmy from his chair) The Center of the Universe! (Oh my God, here we go, switch gears from ‘park’ to ‘fifth’, hold onto your socks! Excuse my awesome metaphor) And how you can get there!

Look up, but NOT YET!!! Where are you reading this? Are you reading it from your iPad on the beach? Maybe locked in your dark home office? Surrounded by a party? In your office while doing work? If it was any of the above, finish reading the sentence and go dive in the water, go out into the light of day, submerge yourself in the party, or get back to work, and when you’re done, and have the purpose and time to do so, continue reading this. If you haven’t left by now and you are in any of those surroundings, leave after you read this period.

At the present, thousands of scientists are trying to figure out the dimensions of the universe. Why this, why that, how does this work, why does it do that. Now, put in your head the image of a red robin. That bird doesn’t CARE how seeds are made. It can’t comprehend. We may think that a baby can’t comprehend the concept of space and time. The truth is, the younger they are, the better they are at comprehending their world. They’ve come from the world right next to you, but is impossible to reach, the one still a section of this world. The come from the heart of the Universe, and know it better than you do. Better than the smartest physicist. We, with our conscious minds, cannot fathom the world around us. No matter how hard we try, we cannot discover how everything works. If we were to know that, we would have been born with that knowledge. Since we were not, we will never understand. Why do we spend our lives struggling to understand something our minds will never get, understanding life, when we should spend it living?

The more time you spend thinking about impossible things, like I’ve just said, you become tied up, and you cast yourself away from life. Turn around and live, and you will eventually know why, how, when, and where. If you’re dirt poor, but love your live, then you’re the happiest man(or woman) alive.


Stop everything.

When you finish reading this post, I want you, yes you, to get off your computer and pull out your bike. If you don’t have a bike, get back on the computer and search ‘hiking trails’, ‘national parks’, ‘county parks’,  ‘wild space’, and ‘nature preserves’, and try to find the nearest one. If there’s not any within an hour’s drive, go find a city park.  Walk around in it, and read, make music by singing or humming or playing a portable instrument, or just lay there. When you at last go home, life will seem more beautiful. A zoo or aquarium might do the same thing, as long as you don’t read about how the animals are dying.

That’s all.

That’s all my ‘tiny’ post has to offer. (It’s actually 755 words long) If it’s time for your lunch, go on and eat it. Go do life. Make that your personal hobby. Remember that exercise in the open air, or doing something in the nature that you originated in, will help your life force. Not “Use the Force,” force, but the part of you that makes you happy, that needs to eat, that is your life.

Whew, long post.

I’m done.

I’ll stop writing.

See you…later.


Note: I did not post this to make you feel upset. If it does make you feel upset, let me know and I’ll delete it. Thanks! 🙂


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