Pandas–A Matter of Life Or Death

Too cute to become extinct...

Bonsoir! Do you see that panda above? Read the caption. Put your mouse over his nose and read the little message.

Wild pandas, at least, the Giant Pandas, not the red pandas, live smack dab in the middle of China. I’m not kidding, they really do. They are endangered animals, although their numbers are on the rise. Don’t take them for granted, there are still fewer wild pandas than scientists are comfortable with.

Giant Pandas are a member of the bear family, hence the nickname ‘panda-bear’. Their closest family member is the species called ‘spectacled bear’, which lives in South America. Spectacled bears have ‘spectacles’ around their eyes, and you can see the resemblance on a panda.

The last fact that I have to share is a wild panda’s diet. They eat two types of bamboo, fish, meat, and eggs. Captivity grants them special ‘biscuits’ or supplements.

Why am I interested in pandas? They’re cute. Google the image of a Giant panda. Stare at it. They seem to be smiling sadly at you. Save these creatures.  Help the conservation of their habitat, and don’t buy panda-fur, if you see any.

I’ll see you tomorrow.



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