Winter Yummies

Bonsoir, my readers. (That’s French for ‘good evening’)

We have our subject. As you very well know, New York and the entire East Coast is under snow. Feet of it. The whole world is cold. I’m cold. I’ve already posted about how to stay warm during the winter (click here to view that post), but what about to eat yummy and warm things during the winter? Yes, nothing sounds better than a cafe with a hot mocha/coffee/hot chocolate, with a sconce/bagel/muffin/cinnamon bun/donut/cupcake in your hand when it’s snowing outside. You and about five hundred other people like it.

But how do you stay warm when it costs five twenty-three for just a grande hot chocolate and a simple sconce? Eat it–at home. Here’s a:

Winter Co Zs Survival Guide


1. Grab a blanket. Favorably, grab a fluffy and warm blanket, also without silverfish, mouse poop, or moths inside. Make sure it’s clean, too.

2. Find a cozy, cuddly place. It could be in the big armchair by the fire, the big armchair not by the fire, your office chair (lucky you, if that’s your cozy, cuddly place), or anywhere else. Throw some pillows on it. They can be bed pillows, couch pillows, your dog’s bed, decoration pillows, dolly pillows, and your cousin-in-law’s guest pillows.

3. Make a Goodie. This means, make hot chocolate, (here’s a link to an Italian yummy that’s really close to hot chocolate. G-website), make cookies or something else (get good recipes here. G-website). Or you could be lazy, and not make anything, and just buy it from a store or bakery.

4. While your hot chocolate is heating, your cookies are baking, or while you’re waiting for anything, get your cozy cuddly place ready. Maybe put an electric heater nearby, if you don’t have a fireplace. Is there a table nearby? Grab another chair or bar stool and cover it with a tablecloth and a coaster. Ta-da! Insta-table! Also to buy: instant car, instant house, instant grandmother…

5. As SOON as your goodies are set, put them on your table. Wrap yourself in your blanket. Put your drink on the coaster. Place your goody plate on the table/disguised seating place. Do you have anything else you want? Perchance some music, or a pet? Get it now, now now NOW!


There you go. And yes, I can spell ‘cozy’, I was trying to make a trademark-ish sound. (“Winter Co-Zs” sounds trademark-ish, doesn’t it?) Hope you weren’t disappointed with this post. Hope you weren’t upset that I gave you something that wasn’t funny to read. If you want some excitement, go and read this random link. PS, I guarantee its PG.  For more fun, check out my new poem.


See you tomorrow.

At night, probably.

Maybe this time of day.

Bonsoir again.




2 thoughts on “Winter Yummies

  1. Hey, BTW, if you really want to be cozy inside, DON’T GO TO THE BAKERY!!! ;- ) Chocolate chip cookies are easier than saying to your mom “Hey mom… Ummm… well, my friend suggests that I go to the bakery to… Um. Get something yummy to eat. Can you please um, drive me???” Then your mom says back, “Aren’t you not supposed to eat sweets before meals? Young lady, What are you thinking?!” Then of course, you feel bad, and wish you had just made cookies yourself in the first place.

    Of course, maybe I just think that homemade are better because my mom was a professional chef… I’m not trying to be boastfull. :- D

    Overall, great sense of humor! I love your blog!!


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