Sick As…Well, Me

Brooath, I’m sick.

I have been for two days now.

That’s why I didn’t post yesterday.

(I was also out buying shoes and books, but the shoes were a  necessity, and the books were on the way home.)

I have a piano recital (I’m still learning, yeah) on Sunday, and I got sick on…late Wednesday. I’m going, please oh please I need to get well, I just need to get well. I really oughtn’t be thinking that, because stress adds up. Stress makes you sick, and if you’re already sick, you get sicker. Part of what concerns me is what happened the last time I had this type of sickness…though I’ll spare you from the details.

My throat hurts less today, and I’ve found that my orange sorbet, made just before I got sick so I have plenty to eat (:-) ), helps. Strange, but true.

You probably didn’t need this, didn’t you?

You probably would’ve rather waited ’till I was well.

You probably would’ve rather I was well and wrote a good post.

You provably think you wish that but actually you really don’t mean it.

I’m trying to make each new paragraph sentence much longer than the last one.

But I really only want it to be just a tiny bit longer, so you notice the bad sentence structure.

Oh, and do you want to hear my piano? I’m working on figuring out how to make you a sound-video to post. Maybe I’ll get it up on Sunday, after my recital, or before. Yes, before, hopefully, so that I get warmed up.

Skimpy post.

I skimped all the meat in your blog post.

I’m eating your topic-meat.

Wait, what the HECK is ‘topic-meat’?

Save me, I must be delirious!  🙂

Must be the 99.9 fever. 🙂



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