Yin and Yang–in the Moon?

Buenos dias, my readers. (That means ‘good afternoon’ in Spanish. It starts with B. 🙂 )

Ah, last night was the complete full moon. I saw it rise, a perfect sphere. I stared at it, and noticed that there was a yin-yang symbol…made by the dark seas and the plain surface! This might not have occurred to you, but I feel emotionally attached to the moon. A lot of people think its pretty, but my star sign is Cancer, and Cancer (the star sign, not the illness) is ruled by the moon. This may explain it…it might be a stupid idea.

Do you think I’m also silly to think there’s a Yin-Yang symbol in the moon? Take a look at this:

Do you see the symbol? Look up yin-yang symbol if you don’t know what it looks like, or don’t know what it is. For those who hate links (I mean, what kind of website am I leading you too?), I’ll give you my explanation.

Yin-yang is a Chinese concept. the Yin-Yang symbol represents balance of, basically, light and dark. In feng-shei, Yin and Yang are essential parts, and must be perfectly balanced for there to be harmony in your home/business space.  Yin is the ‘dark’, and ‘Yang’ is the light. Think you’d have a ‘completely Yang’ over a ‘Yin-and-Yang house’? Think again. A day completely without cool nighttime? A loud and noisy party without quiet minutes? No. They need balance.

Ah, the moon. Look up. See. Find the craters, the dark seas (name them if you’d like), and the mountains. Watch the lunar eclipses. Don’t watch the solar eclipses. Look at this bunny:




Or look at neither and look at this link instead.

Adios, and see you tomorrow (hopefully?)

~Aidyl 🙂


3 thoughts on “Yin and Yang–in the Moon?

  1. I remember learning about Yin-Yang in Karate. Very interesting, especially considering probability of an astronomical sun and moon rotation to produce a perfect yin-yang. Perhaps the ancient Chinese noticed the same phenomenon.


  2. I DO see the yin/yang in the moon. Thanks for pointing it out to me. I’ve always been looking for the “Man in the Moon” or the “Rabbit in the Moon”. I sometimes would see the rabbit, but never could see the Man.


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