How Politics Works

purple nurple optical illusion
Stare at it until you find its hidden meaning.

Warning: This post may offend some people. This picture may make you dizzy. If you don’t like it, leave and never return.

Blast it, I’m late again for today! And I almost used ‘GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD afternoon’ instead of a ‘b’ word to start this post!

Anyway, to the subject we fly! Today I will launch into the confusing world of politics. How many people know what’s going on in the political world? Outside of the government? A very small percentage. Basically, politics is no one wanting to admit that someone else is right, even if they have to spend a million dollars in a new campaign, no one wants someone else to be right. And when we do admit it, we launch into it with such enthusiasm, and are so stubborn after that, that it’s like trying to take a bone from an old, mad, british bulldog. With rabies. Or, as with the election of American President Obama, people support him, then, three hours after the election, people start getting ready for being mad: they write emails, blog posts, news reports, make games, et cetera. Three days later, people are selling brochures about it: GET MAD AT THE PRESIDENT: FREE FREE FREE! SIXTY DOLLARS WITH YOUR COOPERATION! With the downfall of the economy, (I’ll get into that for the next post) sixty bucks sounds great. Six weeks later, people are bribed. Three months later, people are starting riots. Three years later…he’s almost out, and this whole thing starts over again. Smart.

What is it with people? People are paranoid, and when thy is beset by paranoia, thy shalt become dumba@*%#. At a certain gym I go to, people are starting to require you to show them your real drivers license. For real. Along with your membership card. In a gym? What the heck do you lose if you let someone in who has just a legal card? If someone stole it, so what? It’s a gym, not a bank.

Shall I leap over to the economy? No, I’ll save that for tomorrow. Awfully short post, I know, but just go stare at the picture at the bottom here and figure out what it means. I’m not explaining. Or check out one of my links. Or what I just said. Or subscribe. Or stop reading this RIGHT NOW AFTER THE NEXT PERIOD and go do something constructive. (This may change the world, and reading this is constructive 🙂 )


I mean it.

Look for my post AFTER NOON, not in the morning.

PS: Look at my blog. 😦 Zero visitors yesterday and three the day before 😦 😦 sads are takn ovr mah world.

PS PS: I’m serious, and ignore the text talk.




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