‘pologies, Dear Readers!


I’m really most awfully sorry, but I can’t write today. I’m sorry that I didn’t let you know earlier; I was trying to cook up a new post. Distractions and events have bored their way into my head, and I’ve just found myself stuck with writer’s block. (for a definition about writer’s block, see this post) I will try to get a post up as early as I can tomorrow morning, but don’t count on it. Check at noon, then check in the evening, after you eat dinner (or before, whatever floats your boat), or subscribe and wait until you get the email. And to make up, I’ll make tomorrow’s post extra-long or extra-good, or make an extra post. If I can’t, fhluappa. And in case you need it, here’s the definition of ‘fhluappa’: 1. adjective, ENGLISH. A sound made when frustrated or irritated. When used in a sentence, has the same meaning as ‘crackers’. E.G: If I can’t, crackers.

Sorry again, and if you’re looking for something to spend your afterhours reading, check out one of my links in the bottom of my sidebar. 🙂



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