Another New Poem

Here we go again, into a difficulty of finding a good post topic.

Thus, I have decided post this poem, a ‘sonnet’, if one may call it that, which I just finished writing. Just let me go get my laptop, on which I wrote it…

(ten minutes later) Okay, I got my laptop up and running. Here it is:

I wish that you would stop our silly rhymes,

although it’s nice I must say time to fly.

We must stop dreaming to stop being mimes.

Once we’re done we can reach the sky.

But now I’m caught up in pentameter,

And I cannot stop for anything or one.

Shakespeare was in the lovely theater,

And wrote up and had lots of fun.

Now my sonnet is almost all done,

and I say I am doing quite well.

Here comes a deliciously fresh bun,

Oh my, what a good, yummy smell.

This part is the last of the quartets,

Near the end of our very nice sonnet.

I’m sorry I do not have any pets,

and now I’ve tied up my big bonnet.

Two more lines is all the time I have

Ouch you dog leg go of my calf.

Is it a sonnet? My dad says that a sonnet is fourteen lines of ‘pentameter’ that rhyme like follows (each letter is a line) a b a b c d c d e f e f g g.  If you find the meter is off, please let me know and offer a suggestion to correct it.

PS ‘Sonnet’, as the name is, can also be read on my Poems page.



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