Writing: Tips for Good Blog Posts


Who am I to write about how to write good blog posts? After all, I am an amateur blogger who started hardly a month ago…well, nearly a year before I started blogging, I was reading a book called Blogging For Dummies. There were tips on WordPress, Blogger, and Inkblot, as well as security tips and writing tips. They’ve kind of worked for me, but I can’t tell yet. Let’s do security first.

1. Don’t use real names. Internet stalkers and hackers devour names and towns, searching for you, your kids, and your emails. If they have the email you use all the time, they can get into your stuff. If they know your name, then can do more. I’ve noticed a lot of people putting their real names on their blogs, as well as their kids’ names, and photos of themselves. Bad, bad, bad. You may think, “Well, what harm does it do? They know who I look like.” Now hackers can recognize you, complete strangers knowing your name, your address, your favorite underwear brand, and what you look like. Finally, keep your name to yourself. There is this video blogger who uses the name ‘Meekakitty,” which is obviously not her real name. I use Aidyl. How are you going to know if that is a real name or a username? (ha-HA)

2. No friends. Unless they have blogs of their own, call them ‘my friend’, ‘my mom’s friend’s daughter’, ‘my cousin’, ‘my aunt’…Stalkers can find them, too.

3. No parties. Never ever post party dates or get-together dates on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and your blog, unless they’re in the past. One teenager posted his birthday party date on MySpace and was shot there. With a bullet. From a gun. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but (shiver) never do it.

Let’s go to blog tips now! (“hooray!” yell the three-year olds in the audience)

1. Regularity. Do you post every week? Each month? Every day? When the fancy strikes you? Make it regular. WordPress has started a campaign called ‘postaday2011’, and ‘postaweek2011’. If you post every day, try writing your post in the evening so that you can just click a tiny button in the morning, and give your viewers good posts.

2. Vacations. Don’t be afraid to take them, but be prepared. I don’t mean ‘take extra underwear and a bottle of suncream’, but prepare your blog.(“ooh.”) Maybe you should write some posts for when you run dry. Blogging for Dummies calls these prep-posts evergreens, because it doesn’t matter when you use them. Make seven, maybe when you go on vacation, or work up one form and write about your vacation.

3. Talk to your readers.  Ask them questions. Ask for poems, ideas…your readers can see your blog in a different light. Don’t be afraid to add ‘vote’ buttons to your posts. You will figure out what your readers like and what they don’t.

4. Read other blogs. Try reading ones on the same subject as yours. You can get tips from that blogger for what the people like, and don’t. Remember to be nice, there, too. Don’t talk about things off subject, and if someone commented on your blog, comment back.

That’s it. PS, I may write a whole series of ‘Writing’ posts. Stay tuned!



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