Ah, the Wonders of Technology–Even the Dead Ones

Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood evening. Sorry about this awfully late post, but I had computer dramas that kept me busy all morning and nearly all afternoon. What? Not a good enough excuse? Fine, then I’ll tell you the story.

Do you remember a few posts ago to talk to you about my new laptop? AH! The story doesn’t end there; in fact, I didn’t know that that wasn’t the end until today…

I decided to write for a while before lunch. So, I took out my handy-dandy zipdrive, and plugged it into my new Gateway. I double clicked on the shortcut that had my stuff on it…

…and found instead of my files of Dragon Blooded (And that’s copyrighted), I saw Final Draft8, a program on the Gateway, Google Chrome…in short, a whole list of the docs on that computer, not my week-‘dead’ Sony laptop docs. (Dun-dun-duhnnnnn! *dramatic music*)

With common sense, I plugged the zipdrive into my ‘box’, my big desktop, and opened the zipdrive’s files. And lo and behold, can you guess what awaited me? (“A puppy with big eyes and a cute face?”)A long list of the docs, folders, and files on the desktop’s drive, not the Gateway’s. AAAAAUGH CONFUSION! I went into despair and thought that three years of loving work had dissolved into cyberspace. Common sense grabbed me, and I dashed for the ‘dead’ Sony, plugged it in (it won’t work unless it’s plugged in), an hit the power button in anxiety.  I waited for the loading screen to, well, load, but the screen stayed black.

And stayed black.

And stayed black.

That little light on most laptops that shows that it’s on was merrily blinking, so all I could assume was that the monitor didn’t work. Your common sense would ask you to hook up my desktop’s monitor. Well buster, the monitor plug wouldn’t fit the d****** dock plug on the P.O.C. computer.

I had to ask my dad to help me. First he looked at the zipdrive, and we figured it out. On my Sony, I remembered having a shortcut for my documents on the desktop screen. When I inserted the zipdrive last time, I simply clicked and dragged the icon, dropping it into the window. So, that means that the icon turned into something that told the computer: “Open up ‘My Documents’.”

Therefore, my dad had to take apart the computer. He tore of the tape (I told you it was no joke), dropped screws on the floor for me to retrieve, and took off the mouse pad and the keyboard. Granted, I’ve never seen the inside of a computer before, so it was very interesting. Shortly, I’m going to drop it off to the H.W. I don’t know yet if my dad has the documents off, but he’s going to let me know.

Yes, and there’s a moral to this  531-word post. The moral(s) are; always take your docs off your dying laptop and put them onto a backup as well as printing it out (you can recycle old copies)–and that even if technology is dead, it’s still interesting, thus proving that computers will always pull us away from the world at our hands.



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