Music And Sleep

Gooooooooooooood morning, everyone!

I’ve posted plenty about music, haven’t I? Here’s yet another, but it has to do with sleep! I have an alarm clock that allows me to play CDs. I have an album called “The Corrs In Blue”, which is, of course, by the Corrs. The music always wakes me up. (although I don’t always want to open my eyes and get out of bed) Why? Why does talking work its way into your sleep? How are those to questions related? I’m about to tell you.

Do you know what sound is? Sound is vibrations. The vibrations vibrate your ear bones to your eardrum, which transmutes the vibrations to a liquid inside your head, which is attached to your nerves, which, finally, take the messages to your brain and ask what the heck these vibrations mean. Every kind of sound, when you are in light sleep, goes to your brain. You ears pick up all sorts of sounds. So, songs with lyrics are better to wake up with, but songs that are just smooth, flowing music are good for falling asleep and meditating. So if you want to wake up, use quick-tempoed, most likely pop or rock music with lyrics.

Ohhh, there’s more to it than that, but I can’t get it now when I’m hungry. Therefore, I’ve got to get off here and go eat, and I will probably continue this post later in the day, tomorrow at the latest.



One thought on “Music And Sleep

  1. Music is so much fun, it’s poetry in movement. šŸ˜€ so much power in every note, every word, if we could harness the power of music we could power the whole world forever!


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