Winter Warmth

Hello, everyone. I hope you’re all staying warm.

Brrr, it’s been a cold week. News has it that it snowed in Las Vegas. Yes, snowed. In other words, again, it’s been bitterly freezing.

Mid January is about when colder weather sets in for longer. There may be cold-snaps just before spring in late February, but in January it’s colder longer. How can you stay warm? Even though I live in a region with no snow, it’s still cold. Here’s a list to keep the ‘warmz’ in, and the ‘coldz’ out.

1.  Exercise. This may be the last thing you want to do when it’s ten below (or just forty), but it helps. Have you noticed how when you come in from exercising, you’re very hot? But be warned; you should never exercise in cold muscles. This means jog in place for a few seconds, stretch…warm up (not in front of the fire) and go shovel some snow!

2. Drink/eat something hot. You probably already do that. Each morning, if it’s not warm in your house, you’ll feel cold all day, no matter if you sit in front of the fire for seven hours or curl up under your blankie. You feel cold inside. Eating oatmeal will help. Or, if you don’t like oatmeal, drink hot cocoa, tea, coffee…they warm up your fingers and your stomach.

3. Put a sweater on. I’ve noticed that a lot of people like to wear tank-tops or sleeveless linen shirts with shorts barely lower than their thighs, even in the winter. Don’t be silly. If you have to, go and buy some winter clothes; thick, long-sleeved shirts, an Arran Islands sweater, long slacks, ugg boots, and fuzzy mittens. If you can knit or crochet, find some soft, fluffy yarn and make the most delightful scarf. (I’m currently making the cutest blue and white striped scarf for myself. I’ll take a picture to show you when I’m done with it)

4. Are you cold at night? Do you shiver through t he small morning hours? Then open those winter closets and haul out new and improved BLANKETS! You might still have a cotton bedspread and single sheet from summer while you chatter your teeth. As a bonus, try putting on fleece pajamas. You can also put a hot water-bottle in your bed. If you don’t have a hot water bottle, fill a sock 3/4 full of rice, and heat it in the microwave.

5. (for people who have solar panels, like me:) ) Try not to use your gas fireplace, or gas heater. If you have a portable, electric heater, that would be best.  Electricity, remember, is now your ultimate key.

6.  Watch those windows, doors, and holes. Open the shutters for the eastern windows in the morning and open your southern windows halfway, keeping your northern and western windows shut. In the afternoon, shut your eastern shutters halfway, open your southern shutters all the way, and open your western shutters halfway. In the evening, completely close your eastern shutters completely, close your southern shutters halfway, and open your western shutters for as long as the sun is still up. When it gets dark, make sure all your shutters are closed. NEVER open your northern curtains in the winter, because the cold enters through them. Follow that sun!

Be sure to watch your doors, too. Make sure your garage door is closed, if it’s attached. Check laundry chutes, if you have them.Also, some cabinets that are in the outside wall can get cold air inside, just like an open door. The same goes for closets, they stay cold. Open the closets in the morning, close them at night so they don’t look like caves, and leave your cabinets shut.

Finally, check basements, attic access, and any holes that are left over from remodels. Remember that cold air sinks, so if you have holes in the ceiling of closets or rooms, they will be cold. Use cardboard or paper and duct-tape to block it.


Ta-da! Hope those five (six) tips will make your winter slightly warmer. Oh, and I almost forgot: 7. Humid air holds heat. Use a humidifier in your bedroom at night.. This will kill to bird with one stone. Firstly, you’ll need less heat to in your room, and second, winter air is very dry.

Okay, now I hope those six (seven) tips will make your winter slightly warmer. Not bad for 730 words.



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