“Heaven, I’m in Heaven…”

*Caution: the following post contains very mild language that may not be suitable for younger viewers. I advise you read it before showing it to your siblings under ten*

Hello. Yes, the title of this post is taken from the song “Dancing Cheek-to-Cheek,” by Irving Berlin. And I hope your New Years was heavenly. Speaking of heaven…

You probably have heard of dog heaven, haven’t you? Cat heaven, bird heaven, fish heaven. Lawyer heaven, accountant heaven, dentist heaven…there’s heaven for everybody. You probably know what kind of heavens each person would want. But what about the writer? What would be ‘writer heaven’? Go on, make a guess. Go on. Take a minute.

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick (on an unrelated subject, it’s interesting that a blood-sucking insect goes by the name of ‘tick’), tick, tick, tick…

Got your answer? Shoot me (not literally). (“I suppose it would be a river of ideas that all get turned into stories that get published…”) Well, as I’ve said in “Writer’s Bock–A Description, And How To Cope“, ideas are the easy part, but it’s really hard to get them onto paper. So…a river of ideas wouldn’t be the bet. If they all are turned into stories, that won’t be good, either. As I also said in “Writer’s Block–A Description, And How To Cope“, some ideas just don’t get to be stories. Maybe you should read that post and get what I’m pointing at.

All this concluded, what is a writer’s ultimate heaven? As you probably know (“I do?”), each person’s idea of heaven is different. As a writer, I think my best bet would be…an utterly good laptop. I use a laptop, yes, but I also like the feel of good old fashioned paper and pencil. Paper doesn’t lose files, but I can’t easily change what I’ve written. A laptop also saves paper, my eco friends.

But why a good laptop? Why not a used one? Well, until a few days ago, I was using a crappy, seven-or-more-year-old laptop that was held together with ducktape. Literally. To top this off, the u key was missing, so I had to push that little round thing every time I typed u, and the key that had \ and | on it was missing too. Sunday it showed me two ‘blue screens of death’, and froze five times. I got to use my dad’s not-very-old Gateway laptop. It is sleek, streamlined, and most importantly, types without pausing every tenth word. Again, I think a writer’s heaven is her tools, be it a laptop, clipboard, or the back of last month’s gas bill and a piece of ‘violet purple’ crayon.

That’s all, and see you all tomorrow!


Note: Sorry about the late post. Once again, I was busy all day. And don’t visit bright and early tomorrow, either; I have an appointment at 9:00 AM, and I might not get to write until in the afternoon. Sorry, but I hope you’ll come back!


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