The Pros and Cons of Being the Middle AND Being The Only Girl

Hello (sorry I missed yesterday’s post right after my resolution. How ironic. I was at Starbucks with a laptop that didn’t have internet, then at my grandparent’s all day). Before I begin today’s post, I’m going to ask that all viewers under twelve years old please discontinue reading this. There are  some things that you could say are PG, but not wholly. This may be my only post that is not G-rated.

Okay, to the grind:

1. Con: No perks for middle. Youngest gets extra for being youngest, and oldest gets authority, etc.

2. Pro: Perks for only girl.

3. Con: You’re a girl (ummm, no explanation needed…and note: that was the PG content).

4. Pro: Water gets tested, so you know it’s not scalding, but you’re not last, with high expectations on you like Ron Weasely. My older brother goes to collage first, so I know what to expect. He also tries to get a job first. I learn the picture, then I get to step up to plate next and try my swing.

5. Procon? You become a tomboy. It can be a perk, and it can be a problem. You know how to handle boys, what they’re like, but you don’t know a thing about girlhood until you make some good girl friends. And you don’t care about Barbies (I always hated those things).

6. Con: You have to pick up after everyone. Let’s face it (no offense, boys), boys are naturally messy. I have to pick up clothes in the bathroom because my younger brother throws his clothes right in the way. He also leaves his cards lying around in the room we share. No offense, again.

7. Pro: You’re a girl.(Different for being the only girl and the con for being a girl)

8. Pro: Motivation! For some reason, I want to get out there and act, do sports, get a job, go to high school. My older brother…not so much. No offense.


That just about wraps it up. Ratios:

Pros: 5

Cons: 4


How does that work? Eight pros and cons, but the ratio tallies up to 9…

Well, being a tomboy is a procon, and gets counted in both places.

And for some reason, when I write ‘well’ with a capital W, it looks like this: WEl. Yeah…see you later.



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