What Music LOOKS like


Yeah, music has looks. Not little black letters on paper, or whatever the CD has on it, but scenes. Listen to…Jazz. To me, that’s the dark indigo of low waves on a moonlit beach, with the lights of a town in the distance. I was listening to Coldplay’s song “Yellow”. For a second, I saw a black sky with thousands of stars, but then I remembered that I kind of thought it was a sepia-yellow, in a late afternoon, over gold grass.

Classical? Oh, let’s do Beethoven’s Sonatina (not Bach’s). Spring, I suppose. Since I play it, I only see it as a black Kawai piano. How about you? Listen to it, say, on YouTube, and tell me what you say.

Oh, remember I included a link to Chouwa oto a few posts ago? WELL, that sounds to me like dreams. Just before you fall asleep, there’s this beautiful black…I guess you could call it a wave. In Chouwa oto, it sounds like that in the beginning. At 2:15 (time in the song) it sounds more like a Japanese forest.

What’s your favorite song(s)? What do you see when you hear it? In the song “Resistance”  by Muse, I see a dark alleyway at night in a city, a young man and a young woman in the misty black. Do you just see the music video? Aw, come on, I know you see something. Look, or rather, listen. This is where meditation come from. Even if you aren’t that big of meditation, you always should be able to see things.

Also, Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve!


Note: The image is from the Google homepage, as of December 31, 2010.


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