New Year’s Resolutions

Hello, for the second time today, and happy New Year!

As of now (2:45 PM) I am going to post each day. Look, I decided to post at least once a week…I post every other day. I want to post every day…I bet I’m going to end up posting every other hour, or every other meal. Ah, well, enjoy.

Speaking of New Year’s Resolutions, do you have one yet? The one above is the only resolution I have.  Last year I got a great idea: I’d make a list of twelve habits I’d like to fix or make, and choose  a month for each one. Apparently it takes 27 days of doing something continuous to make it a habit. The theory is that I would work on each habit every month, and continue on until I’d fixed twelve habits. But don’t try and make ones like This January I’ll lose 100 pounds, or In February I’ll run a 6k race with a time of 38 minutes. Those are impossible to keep. Make easy ones, tiny ones. I recently get up an hour late. I should have this resolution: Wake up right at when the alarm goes off, and go to bed at the designated bedtime. In fact, I’ll make that one of mine!

You can also make one big resolution, for example we can use the Run a 6k race as our full year resolution, and make tiny resolutions leading up to the month of the race, such as jog to the mall, get to the beach, make the mall in a time of ______(a minute under best time), run to Sunnyville, run to the Sunnyville shopping center, make Sunnyville in a time of______, etc. Then you’ll get that 6k race!

Well, that’s it. See you tomorrow see you next year! (get the joke?)



One thought on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I once heard that the probability of fulfilling a New Years resolution is very low. Does that make a difference?

    Happy New Year! 🙂


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