Procrastination–the Biggest Problem In the World Besides the Economy

Who wants a Christmas-related post? (“I do!”)

Holy cow, there’s only FIVE DAYS TO CHRISTMAS! That means TWO MORE SHOPPING DAYS LEFT FOR THOSE WHO BUY GIFTS INSTEAD OF MAKING THEM!  No, don’t buy them all now. Bake thousands of cookies.

I have previously stated about how you should make things yourself. I mean, make them like knit, or crochet, or sew, or compose, or write, or draw…but with FIVE DAYS TO CHRISTMAS, one really doesn’t have quite enough time to actually make something. Heck, paint has to dry, and so does glue, the parts have to arrive, and it takes time to make the body of that sock monkey, or the brim of that hat. Not many people can/like/will make[ing] cookies, so this leaves a huge gap on your Christmas list because you procrastinated.

Procrastination is NOT a great idea when it comes to holidays and birthdays. Say it’s Thanksgiving. You wake up at ten, and find that you forgot to: defrost the chicken, bake the pie, buy the ingredients… For Christmas, five days to the big day, and you have NO PRESENTS for your friends (yep. I planned on making clay statuettes, but only one is part way finished, not even baked.), or Christmas cards in the mail. For…let’s say your birthday party. No invitations handed out to your neighbors, and tomorrow’s the date. Not only is that stressing, but inconsiderate. Only 10% of people will go to a party that is within three days of the invite, especially to a birthday party, and the chances are that they can stay only for an hour, and have no present, because there was not time.

But enough. Anyway, how am I even going to manage baking three types of cookies and some fudge before tomorrow afternoon at two thirty? I should get  off right now because I have a hat to finish, cookies to bake, and a sock monkey to knit, but I must say “congratulations” to myself, and “Welcome”.


Could I ever tell you why?

Well, my visitors have peaked. Nineteen rolled in yesterday, and as I write, six have already visited (that’s my website, in case you couldn’t tell). Welcome, everyone, and enjoy the holiday antsiness, as well as the blog posts on almost everything I can think of!

Thanks, and Merry Christmas!



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