A Christmas Cookie Poem–Wait, What?


I checked my blog this morning, and guess what. :-O Someone searched “christmas cookie poem”. At the time, I didn’t have one, but for him/her, I’m going to write one now:

Christmas Cookies

A warm oven

produces its ever-loved items,

a batch of delicious,



spicy sugar cookies.

They warm my heart,

a Christmas present for my stomach.


Click the title, and it will take you to my ‘Poems” page, where you can view “Christmas Cookies” as well as a few other Christmas poems, and haikus. if you’ve got any ideas that you’d like me to turn into either a poem or Very Short Story, let me know. I might not have time to post it for the next three days, because I’ve got to bake millions of cookies for a craft fair on Tuesday( 😦 ), but I will most likely get to it by Christmas Eve.

Stay tuned, and merry Christmas!


(Note: previously, the link wouldn’t work. I fixed that, so now it takes you where it’s supposed to.)


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