An Interesting View About Gifts

Hi all.

You know how on the Starbucks cups, this time of year, they’ve got a little comment on it? I recently got a cup of hot chocolate, and my cup said, “Whenever I give presents, I always get more in return.” I kept thinking about that for a week…

…and this morning, I thought about it again.

Well, I thought, I give plenty of Christmas gifts, but no one gives me many in return. I also knew that every present you give makes someone’s holdiay brighter.

Suddenly, it hit me. If no one gave gifts to their friends and family, you wouldn’t get any either. So, basically, I realized that unless I gave someone a gift, that person might not get a present from their friend at all!

And my conclusion? Well, give gifts. Even if they’re just a bunch of cookies wrapped up on cellophane, it’s the thought that counts. After all, Christmas is all about giving! If you’re seven years old, you may have trouble accepting this theory. But try it. When you give you neice or cousin a sweater, scarf, or hat that you knitted yourself, in a color that they love, or that matches their eyes, think about how proud you feel. They thank you over and over, and you say, “It’s nothing,” over and over. That feeling you want to spread.

So, at least send somebody a card, any kind, even a gift card. Post a comment on your favorite blog. Send your aunt Nancy who lives in South Africa a shawl. You can also donate thirty cookies to the Homeless Shelter. Spread that feeling this year, no matter what, give a gift, and see how it makes you feel.

Merry Christmas!



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