Hey all!

Is anyone reading this interested in manga? Manga is a Japanese art form. It’s pronounced MANGH-ah, and it’s basically a different kind of comic, like there are different kinds of medias for art.

This brings me to my topic: Stepmainia, the manga!

I found this manga a few weeks ago, and it’s pretty good. The updates are every Monday and Thursday, but try not to check early in the morning! Here’s a link to the homepage of Manga

Once you’re there, there’s a menu on the left. Click the one that says “Read Online Manga”, then click the top picture that says, “Stepmainia: the manga”. This will take you to the latest page, but there are arrows beneath the comic. Obviously, you’ve got to click the one that says “First”.

So far, it’s completely G. Very good drawings, interesting storyline. The comments aren’t displayed when you navigate to the page, so that’s even better. And be warned: manga is harder to draw than it looks! You also might not want to read the ‘How To Draw Manga’ pages; some PG 13 content there!

If this post wasn’t fun enough for you, SOR-RY! Let me know and I’ll try to post a new one on Saturday.



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