The First Day…er, Night

Hi all!

Okay, this is my first post, so PLEASE comment and let me know if anything’s wrong!

Anyway, you’re about to be reading the blog of a: writer, pianist, artist, philosopher, reader, knitter, sculptor, animal lover, roller skater, swimmer, biker…the list goes on and on!

It’s been cold, cold, cold (for where I live)!  Last night, it even rained.  I’m kind of in two feelings that it didn’t thunder; I LOVE how it rolls through the sky, it’s just amazing. I feel so spiritual!  On the other hand, I get scared.  Yes, I’m a scardy cat.  But not the way you’d expect. Of more things that if there are termites on my towel, or spiders in my bathtub (okay, I admit, those things both happened!).

Guess that’s it. But I’m a writer of novelettes, so I’ll be sure to kick back at you when I get something published. My updates will most likely be (from now on) every Friday. Check in the evening! I might update a few more times, but I’ll do at least every Friday.




What do you think?

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